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Edwy - 955-959

Edmund I and Elgifu's elder son, Edwy, was only fifteen when he came to the throne, crowned at Kingston upon Thames, and nineteen when he was probably murdered. He was a weak and incompetent youth who would probably have plunged England into chaos if he had lived, but his reign was mercifully brief.

He is notorious for having left the table at his coronation banquet in order to make love to his mistress (another Elgifu, his stepmother's daughter), and had to be brought back and listen to rebukes from Archbishop Odo. He married the mistress, but then had to banish her because he was related to her, thus making the marriage illegal.

He exiled the famous church leader Dunstan; lost control of Mercia and Northumbria; and was finally forced to give up his throne to his younger brother Edgar. He died at Gloucester on 1 October 959.

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