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Edmund I (the Elder) - 939-946

When Athelstan died without immediate successors, his half brother Edmund, son of Edward the Elder and Edgifu, took the crown at age 18, he also was crowned at Kingston upon Thames.

He successfully suppressed rebellions by the Mercian Danes.

Edmund I was murdered at a feast in his own hall, stabbed to death by Leofa, an outlawed thief. at the age of 25 in 946, after only seven years on the throne, and his brother Edred succeeded him.

He married twice: firstly, (Saint) Elgifu, by whom he had two sons, Edwy and Edgar; and secondly, Ethelfled of Damerham. His premature death occurred in Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire, on 26 May 946, and he was buried at Glastonbury in Somerset. His brother, Edred, succeeded him.

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