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Many monarchs have reigned in the United Kingdom, both Kings and Queens, from the early Anglo Saxons right up to Elizabeth II. This web site is dedicated to facts, biographies and information about these Kings and Queens of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Some members of the Royalty are remembered as strong leaders and innovators, others are reviled for their actions or thought of as national heroes.

Richard the First, the Lionheart for example is thought of as a great national warrior, while Henry VIII is seemingly often remembered for little more than having six wives. This web site not only lists the bare facts behind the characters but also gives biographical information which will inform the reader about the King or Queen, what happened during their reign, some of the political intrigue, court politics and royal comings and goings.

Whilst the monarchy has today lost much of its direct power, it's moral influence on society has remained. Royals are often in the headlines today and also in the past.

The British people unlike those of many countries it would seem are very proud and interested in their royalty, the royal family and the history surrounding the Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom. Evidence the huge support for royal occasions, the number of visits to royal buildings and exhibitions and the sheer volume of literary works on the subject of the monarchy and royalty in general.

We've initially created the site with one detailed page per member of the Royalty, you'll find biographical information, key facts and a timeline of events that happened during their reign. as time progresses we'll detail further and go more in depth into the personalities, events and character of each reign.

For a complete list of the Royalty covered by this site, click here to start.

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